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We understand that documentation can be one of the most frustrating parts of medical practice. That’s why we’ve created SOAPassist, an online platform that allows providers to instantly create custom SOAP notes making documentation a breeze. With SOAPassist, you can create your own templates, or choose from loads of curated templates.  These templates can be summoned at a moment’s notice to create a custom SOAP note for each patient encounter. And with SOAPassist adding new templates all the time, there’s a good chance we already have what you’re looking for.  SOAPassist also allows you to share templates with your colleagues to maximize the efficiency of your healthcare team.  Why struggle with documentation?  Join SOAPassist today!

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SOAPassist is the best way to create, share and use medical templates.

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How easy is writing a note with SOAPassist?

Patient encounters rarely address a single problem. Oftentimes, the documentation for these encounters can be just as time-intensive as the encounters themselves.  But what if your documentation was practically done before you even started the encounter?  SOAPassist allows you to create, store and share templates that can be utilized at a moment’s notice.  By simply selecting the templates you want, the SOAPassist generator will instantly and intelligently generate your custom SOAP note, making your documentation a flash.  Plus, there is no limit to the number of templates you can use to generate a SOAP note.  With SOAPassist, the possibilities are literally endless!

How It Works

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Templates are supported by most EMRs and for many providers they are a vital feature of their medical practice. If you don’t already use customized templates for patient documentation, here are five reasons they might improve your workflow. In addition to creating efficiencies, templates have the added advantage of reminding providers to ask patients specific questions. As EMRs get smarter, vendors are extending this functionality by incorporating clinical decision support tools that provide alerts and reminders to clinicians during patient care. Many providers find themselves typing large pieces of text that reoccur based on common visit types. Templates can streamline documentation by allowing providers to only key in the specific data elements needed to capture what’s unique about each patient visit.

Streamline your documentation today!

SOAPassist is the best way to create, store, share and use medical templates.

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SOAPassist utilizes a custom-built template creator page composed of various sections commonly used in...

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Your templates will be stored in the SOAPassist website database. There is no limit to the number of....

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Why SOAPassist

How SOAPassist Helps

Light speed Documentation

Simply select the templates for your encounter and the SOAP Note Generator instantly and accurately integrates the templates to produce a custom SOAP note.

Several Template Formats

The SOAP Note Generator has several template formats from which to choose.  You can create problem-based notes, system-based notes, consult notes, procedure notes and more. Just select the appropriate format and templates for the encounter, and then allow SOAPassist to arrange them into a customized note.


No Loose Ends

The template form in the Template Creator page does not have a character count.  Feel free to name every differential diagnosis.  Leave no zebra unmentioned.

The Bottom Line

Completing the medical record can be as easy as a few clicks.  It’s time to upgrade your method of documentation.  It’s time to let SOAPassist help.

Accuracy is the Best Policy

Providers can be as detailed as they wish, having templates for various phases of workup and treatment knowing that the SOAP Note Generator will integrate every template selected.  This allows for a nuanced approach to template utilization that reduces the possibility of documentation error. 

SOAP Note Generator

The Best Way to Write a Note

There is no doubt that medical documentation is extremely important and has a very real impact on patient care.   We use the medical record to make important clinical decisions and, to a large extent, it is how medical providers communicate.  This is why it is imperative that documentation be clear and succinct.  Documentation should also be efficient.

A Better Way to Manage Your Templates

Every provider knows what it’s like to take care of patients with multiple complex medical issues.  Documenting for encounters such as these can be a daunting and time-consuming task.  The SOAPassist SOAP Note Generator page has no limit to the number of templates that can be selected to make a SOAP note.  Multitudinous medical issues suddenly become a much easier prospect to manage when all that is required for documentation is a few clicks before the majority of work is complete.  This allows you, the provider, to worry about how to best take care of the patient in front of you instead of worrying about how you’re going to complete your documentation before the next encounter.


How do you prevent data that is present in multiple templates from being redundant in the final note?  The SOAP Note Generator utilizes special databases of exam findings, diagnoses and more.  Templates are made by selecting items in these databases.  When it’s time to document, the SOAP Note Generator pulls the correct information from these databases according to the templates chosen such that components of the templates are not repeated.

The SOAP Note Generator will also preserve the order in which you selected your templates in the final note allowing you to arrange your problems by severity/acuity.  Select STEMI as the first template and STEMI will be the first problem on the problem list.  This saves you from having to splice data together and reorder it.

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