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SOAPassist is the best way to create, store, share and use medical templates.


Your username is used to log into your account.  Additionally, your username allows your colleagues to find and share templates with you!  They must enter your username exactly in order to find you.  Your username is also used as the prefix to your templates so they are easily distinguishable from templates created by others.

SOAPassist automatically keeps the templates you’ve shared up-to-date. Everyone will have the latest version, even if you’ve made changes to a template after sharing it.
Saving templates as your own is easy. Just go to the Template Creator page. Search for the template that was shared with you. Then hit “Load Existing”. You will then have the opportunity to save the template as your own with whatever changes you wish to make.

Template Creator

When entering text into the fields on the Template Creator page, formatting is saved. If you copy text from a word-processing program that has certain formatting, it is likely that the formatting will appear in the final SOAP note. We recommend copying plain text without formatting into the fields to preserve the formatting used by the SOAP Note Generator.
Yes! We recommend keeping a consistent format to the way you create templates. Take a look at some of the SOAPassist curated templates to get an idea for what we mean. Templates with consistent formatting will produce the best results when it comes time to generate your SOAP notes.
Absolutely! We LOVE creating templates. It’s what we do. If you have any suggestions for templates that you and others could benefit from, please let us know!

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